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Dimensions of Death

Anne Geraghty

My son died suddenly at the age of 34. I was devastated yet found that dimensions of our relationship continued to unfold even after his death. I had a series of vivid dreams and experiences in which my relationship with Tim continued, as I now know it always will. Not only because we loved each other deeply and that love is forever, but because I discovered there are as many realities and dimensions to death as there are to life, and many of the energies of life and death are eternal.

Life on Earth creates realities and energies that do not disappear or dissolve away; on the contrary, they become part of the fabric of existence. And although death of someone we love is an inconsolable loss, there are also discoveries in death that can nourish and sustain us in a different way. Death is an absolute ending; it also holds a mysterious continuity.
Each of us is presented with the challenge to create meaning from our experiences - it seems to be part of our human consciousness to try and understand what happens, and that includes even death.

I could not accept unquestioningly the various descriptions of life after death given to us by various religions and so had to find my own way through the labyrinth, especially as my experience did not fit in with anything I had heard before about what happens when we die.

I reached out in all directions for understandings that might make sense of my experiences and give them some kind of coherence. I explored Christian, Pagan and Tibetan Buddhist ideas of death. I researched Near Death Experiences. I read astrophysics and linguistic philosophy. A medium channeled information for me from the Spirit World. I went to an Ayahuasca ceremony with a shaman. I had a series of dreams unlike my normal dreaming, in full colour and vividly real, in which my son and I explored death together. I discovered that although death is a terrible and inconsolable loss, it is also a profound and inexplicable liberation.

You can watch an interview with Anne ‘’Death: the Last God’’ with Iain McNay of Conscious TV on Youtube